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On live preview:

where the ads appear:

They appear throughout its network of Artmotion In order of priority.

  • on top of search engine results,
  • at the bottom of all pages on the free websites,
  • in all newsletter of the Open Magazine. (coming)
what needs:
  • Your title for your ad up to 40 characters
  • Your description for your ad up to 80 characters
  • URL address for your link
other details

For the best ad campaign result we have set a small number of ads to appear. For this reason we have appointed 24 advertisers in each space. All ads in each space are displayed randomly. All ads are compatible on computers, (pc, mac) tablets, and Smartphones.

Your ad will start immediately after payment. If you want to see statistics or manage your ad you need to register.

We try to keep prices as low as possible for your best service. This way we have achieved a very good relationship between your ad performance and price. For payment security we only use PayPal so if you have not a paypal account please do it now.

Good advertising success!

Artmotion team

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